Low maintenance, durability, and the strength are the basic demands of the customers when they go to the market for the purchase of a door, that’s why metal doors are selected. If one comes to the choice of garage door now the question arises either he must buy a steel door or a door made of aluminum will prove better for his home.

So by comparing all the features one may decide what sort of door is required by his house and what door his budget allows him. Some main points are given below; Direct exposure to the rain and humidity may cause the steel door to lose its good appearance as well as it shortens its life.

On the other hand albuminous does not allow corrosion so it is better in such environment. As for as maintained is concerned so steel as mentioned above is rusty so it requires paint while no paint is needed in the case of aluminum. Its shiny metal finish is enough for its maintenance.

As far as the usage of Sheet metal fabrication both doors is concerned we may sit that aluminum is a soft metal if we compare it with steel so the chances of the dents in the door of aluminum are greater than the doors of steel. Or in other words we may say that steel is more durable as compared to aluminum. Even heavy bumps show no effect on steel while aluminum show dents even in light bumps.