The application and its file formats have become standards much like Word. Originally developed for accounting and finance, it is now widely used for any task that requires even minor number crunching. It also has very powerful facility for presenting numerical data in graphical form. It can be used for data management in simple cases where relationships are not significant.

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client application. It has powerful tools for filtering and organizing email. It can keep track of contact information. It has powerful tools for managing calendars and setting up meetings among multiple Outlook users via shared calendar information.Microsoft Access is a database management system. It is a rather simple and limited system. It is not really intended to support massive, complex, multiple user databases. It makes it easy for non database professional users to create and manage relatively simple single user databases.

This can make the use of simple databases cost effective in cases where the cost of development and support by a database professional would make database usage economically infeasible.Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation manager. It is mainly used to create slide shows, though the pages it creates can be used for many other things such as graphical diagrams in a word processor document. PowerPoint has become so widely used that it has been a bit controversial at times. People have criticized its over use, arguing that pretty graphics have their place, but natural language explanations of complex situations are sometimes needed.

There are many other Microsoft Software Applications. These are some of the most widely used applications that are included in Office. It is often the case that installing Microsoft Office on a computer provides all or almost all of the applications that will be used on that system.